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2019 — animation

Do You Remember The First Time?

In Feb. 2019, the Blonded team asked me to create bubble letters animated to spell out the phrase, jiggle and pop nostalgically. The animation was featured on for a coupla months and printed as the back layer of this double-sided poster which can be seen in various teenage bedrooms across America :' )

2020 — design, front-end dev

What Is Celebrity?

(Link) What is an influencer? Are they more relevant than Brad Pitt now? We asked NYT readers to vote on that by assembling an inexhaustive glossary of what fame is today. 1,731,795 casted ballots later, the verdict is in. Designed with and developed by Rebecca Lieberman.

2020 — design

The Attack On Voting cover

(Link) The NYT Mag’s creative director Gail Bichler approached me to create the print and digital versions of the cover story by Jim Rutenberg.

2019 — typography, animation


Titles design for a short film written and directed by India Donaldson. Play with sound here.

2020 — editing, composition, light front-end

An Ecotherapeutic Meditation In Ten Steps

(Link) At the height of the pandemic, photographers Jessica Lehrman and Phillip T. Annand brought the outdoors to many of us practicing social distancing at home. We composed and displayed over ten slides these nature recordings along with gentle chimes and tips from mindfulness experts. Collaboration with photo editor Eve Lyons and editor Joanna Nikas.

  • ▼ The editor added the question mark at the end at the last second :P

  • ▼ I love the use of default fonts here and how the punchline is in the little tearaway bits

  • Steph Davidson made an extra curly CurlzMT and I decided to use it.

  • ▼ I was sick at home during a snowstorm with a high fever while working on this.

  • ▼ This cover took maybe 15 minutes tops to put together in Adobe Illustrattor.

  • ▼ This was editor Josh’s idea to “put the spinny wheel on Obama” but we finished it off with half of a loaded face.

  • ▼ We made these paper maché masks from scratch!

  • ▼ I made this illustration!

  • ▼ It’s her ladyship Merkel !

  • ▼ Thanks for swiping.


Bloomberg Businessweek covers

A selection of cool covers I had made over the years.

2020 — design, front-end development

Juneteenth Essay Collection

(Link) Editor Veronica Chambers had envisioned a small essay collection that puts hopefulness and exuberance at the foreground of this year’s Juneteenth celebrations.

2018 — creative direction, illustration, light front-end development

The Royal Wedding: Frequently Asked Questions

(Link) Every possible question about Royal Wedding answered in a relic of an internet format. Each click a potential reward! Read more about the project at ItsNiceThat here. Project in collaboration with Umi Syam who was insanely patient with me at a time when I wanted badly to learn css and jquery which involved a lot of me touching things and breaking them. If you don’t like to support journalism and do not have a subscription, here is a screen recording.

2020 — creative direction, project management

Mr. Louboutin’s Guided Tour

(Link) You know those red-bottomed stilettos beloved by republican-looking c-suite conference attending women but also red-carpet trotting celebs? The person who makes them is a lovely soul and a true delight! Here we have Mr. Louboutin himself as your holographic guide, telling you all about his favorite pieces and also where to press buttons.

2019 — creative direction, front-end development

Gen X Is A Mess

(Link) An online magazine about the generation sandwiched between boomers and millennials. My gen-xer co-workers looked inward upon their impact on style and culture. The design has a draw-on feature by my millennial co-conspirator Aliza Aufrichtig; it sneakily happens behind the scenes on the parts of the page already visited by the user. If you hate to read the truth and do not have a subscription, here is a screen recording.

2020 — layout, lil front-end

Life Inside an Assisted Living Facility

(Link) In April 2020 as the pandemic raged on in America, the New York Times gave disposable cameras to six residents of Evergreen Gardens, an assisted living facility in Colorado. Project by photo editor Eve Lyons and photographer Elliot Ross. Designed in collaboration with Adriana Ramić.

2020 — creative direction

The Joy Of Essay Collection

(Link) A short story collection by writers on what small things they take pleasure in. We had asked our colleagues at the Times to make simple doodle for us, which I then took and animated to draw on.

2018 – 2020 — illustrations

Editorial illustrations

A bunch of editorial illustrations
for The New York Times and others. I like to work with 2D and 3D animation, vector drawings, photo collages and found imagery. Occasionnaly I do hand-drawn stuff too.

  • If you like this, please peruse this very special Google deck of my print layout designs!

2013 — cover design

The How To Issue

This issue is very special to me because it had paved the a way for me of thinking about and going about making design and making sense of things visually that remains very influential in my work.

  • The rest of the magazine can be downloaded as a PDF!

2016 — editorial design

Total Power Move

A self published magazine made at Matter Studios, a start-up I worked at in 2016. Edited by Mark Lotto, photo edited by Emily Keegin, designed with Kurt Woerpel!

2019 — art direction, layout design, front-end development

The American Roadtrip

(Link) Photographers Farah Al Qasimi, Daniel Arnold, Jessica Lehrman, and Andre Wagner drove across the continent, looking for symbols of America and Americanness. The design is a vertical chronology through place and time, retelling each photographer’s week-long journeys.

2019 — creative direction

Y2K @ 20

(Link) This is one of my favorite Times projects thus far and it is best if you could launch the link and poke around on as many things with blue underlines as you can, poke and keep poking deeper and deeper. Edited with Joanna Nikas and Choire Sicha. Development by Rumsey Taylor and Aliza Aufrichtig.

But wait, there is more!

Play with some buttons on this little web magazine about office culture on! The Office: An In-Depth Analysis of Workplace User Behavior

We made this emotional support dog for the mid-term elections in 2018. Please, please go pet him! The Calm Place On The New York Times

I love this Jenny Odell rabbit hole! A Business With No End

From 2013 – 2016, once a year I helped Businessweek put on a live conference, designing everything from placemats to large-scale environmental installations. I had the best time! Check out my installation designs in this deck here

In 2018 we rounded up the year’s news, shoved it in an endurance game where you get awarded the more you reminded yourself of a year you wished to forget. 2018: The Year In Dissonance

  • Tracy is currently ‘Visual Editor’ at The New York Times
    Styles desk (2018 – )
  • In exchange for USD, she can design layouts, art direct campaigns, create a brand identity, make little websites, make illustrations by hand or with a computer, animate in 2D or 3D
  • Formerly the Deputy Creative Director at Bloomberg Businessweek (2011 – 2016)
  • Grew up in Toronto
  • Immigrated from Hong Kong
  • Taught three semesters at Parsons from 2017–2018
  • Skillful
  • Hardworking
  • Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator
  • After Effects, Cinema 4D
  • An Interesting Day and Night, Amsterdam, August 2018
  • Society of News Design, New York, March 2018
  • Against All Odds at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, March 2018
  • T Magazine Spain, Madrid, February 2018
  • Fall Lecture Series at RISD, Rhode Island, October 2017
  • AMPA, Calgary, March 2016
  • Typographics at Cooper Union, New York, June 2016
    All work on this site © Tracy Ma 2020